ECQ Again in rizal

So here we are again…

The Metro Manila and nearby areas are under ECQ and of course Antipolo Rizal is one. So we can’t go out again but good thing this time is that the business is still operational in full capacity. So, I don’t have to worry in my team but I have to see to it that they are taking their vitamins to protect them from the virus.

I think the best way to fight Covid is to boost our immune system. Sometimes, I feel depressed because of the things going on…

But my husband told me that I should clear my mind or else I will get sick… so here I am trying to divert my mind into something. Yes, I have a lot of things to do business wise but when I am down, I tend to set my work aside… it really affects me.

I worry a lot lately, particularly the safety of my family and my team. My succulent plants really makes me feel so good and back to my sanity. When a new plants delivered and start planting them, it somehow change my mood. It makes me happy. So, as of now, I don’t have plan of stopping planting.

Most of the time, I am staying at home and just going to the office because staying in the office made me somehow feel better. I got a chance to talk to my team and check their work. Eventhough, we went out, I make sure to wear mask all the time and use alcohol to disinfect. Showering everytime we went back home is important also. We don’t let the kids go near to us when we are from the outside. So this is very important.

So guys, make sure to practice those little things because it will definitely help you and your family safe during this time.

Vertigo Attack

It’s now Monday and holiday as well. I decided to work still and finish editing videos then I feel dizzy.

I already felt it the moment I woke up but I just ignored it. But still it continue to bother me even after I went outside to check my plants.

When I came back to the room, I decided to apply the vertigo essential oils to my ears and nose. But then I realized I should take Bonamine to ease the dizziness.

I feel better now…


It was already GCQ then we decided to go to Batangas for a quick meeting.

I wanted to swim but still not allowed…

It’s a nice view and I can’t wait to go back here and enjoy the beach and pool.

Life Update

Sometimes I feel so down because of what is happening in the world lately..
I wonder when will it be over…
I’m just glad that I have my kids with me, they inspired me to do things. To continue living my life’s purpose.

I just hope that this will be over soon…

March 16 Life Update

The President just announced a total lock down of Luzon. So ang daming affected. Hindi na pwedeng lumabas sa bawat city or provinces. Medyo magulo pa ngayon ang sitwasyon kaya marami pang dapat ayusin sa bagong rules.

Umabot na sa 175 cases ang affected sa Covid-19 as of today.

I am worried since last month, when this Covid-19 started. I never thought that it will be this bad. My bpo business is still okay. I’ve given away Vitamins C to my agents to boost their immune system and now that the lock down is being enforced, the government instructed us to provide accommodation to our agents. So here we go…

We are doing all our best to meet the government request and to take care of our agents at the same time. I have a small business and I have limited resources but I am doing all my best to provide what is needed to my people.

It saddened me because I wish I can provide more but my business is just starting. So all I can do now is offering only what I have. I can’t promise them anything, I can’t give them something that I don’t have. I don’t want to give them false hopes.

I just hope that this pandemic will be over soon. I just hope that we will all survive from this virus.

I know that this thing happened for a reason. As a human being, this brings us one. We fight for this as one. We somehow become human.

Snow Buster

On our way up to the Snow Buster inside the Everland.
Picture taking on our way up.
I never thought that Everland is this big.
The kids had fun in outdoor activities.
And now they are ready…
I was scared because Xavier is going to do it on his own but I don’t see him scared of it, so I just let my guard down.
I saw that he is enjoying it…
That’s how high it was. When I tried it, I was spinning and at first I was terrified but later on I enjoyed it.
The kids tried it more and they had so much fun.


Towards the end of the year, I found out that Ate Nida, my yaya when I was a baby passed away. She was with my family even before I was born. Then she worked in Laguna when I was 4 years old but we didn’t lost contact. Until we transferred to Laguna. She was with us always specially on special occasions. She’s like a second mother to me. When I found that she was sick, I did everything to help her. It just heartbreaking that she’s gone.
I am thankful for all the love and care! I can’t forget her… she is always in my heart and prayers.
We stayed in this inn nearby her place the night before her burial. I just can’t help smirk because of the Inn bedsheets and blanket and it matches my LV bag. Oh my..

Office Christmas Party

Finally the list was complete and we were ready to party!

The giveaways… Spaghetti set with company t-shirts. I asked my team to write their 5 wishes and I grant 1 wish. So I need to complete at least 50 wishes and that made me so busy. It was hard at first but it was fun. Hubby made sure to organize and create a system that we followed to make everything easier.

When they received their gifts, they looked so happy and it made so happy as well.

We had a simple celebration this time and I like this better.

Universal Studios Part 1

The reason we are here in Singapore is for Gareth’s birthday request.

He always like to visit Universal Studios because this is Shrek’s home. He loves Shrek, he watched all the movies of Shrek and even memorized the songs.

So when we were on our way to Universal Studios and he saw the castle from outside, he shouted Shrek!

So I know that this is going to be fun.. because he knows what he really wants.

As a mom, I’m happy when he requested this trip because Gareth seldom asks something. So whatever makes Gareth happy, I will definitely give it to him.

We went to different rides and I took my vertigo meds first because I want to have fun too. I want to create more happy memories with the kids so I went with them in any activities they want.