Pearl Bag

I really like this bag.. simple yet classy! The pearl handle is the beauty of this piece.
You can order this bag through this link: Pearl Bag

Another color and perfect for everything…
Order here
I love pearls and this come out at a right time..
Check this out… Click here

This one is perfect for any formal event… You can order this
Tassel Rhinestone Handbag through this link.


It was a payday for my staff and I need to do it earlier because we were planning for a short vacation…

So I need to go to the bank.. and surprisingly…  ang haba haba ng pila… grabe talaga… nakakainis pero wala akong choice.

Minsan lang ako pumunta ng bank at gusto ko yong OOTD ko yong para bang bibilhin ko ang bank hahahaha feeler!

O sige na.. yan ang OOTDeee ko…

My dress is from Zalora, my bag is Antigona Givenchy and my shoes is from Aldo.

Teddy Blake

I ordered my first ever Teddy Blake bag last July 9, 2018 as a gift to myself.

For the past 2 years, I never purchased a bag for myself.

Since I started the call center business, I focus all our energies and resources to the business. I need to let it grow first before I will think for ourselves.

So for the past 2 years I sacrificed a lot.

There were days that I question myself if I am doing the right thing but I know that everything is worth the sacrifices I made.

This year I am thankful that the company is doing great and I think I deserve something for myself.

So this bag is my simple reward for myself.

The bag is made to order from Italy. It took them more than a month before they sent it to me because my order is one of the best sellers so they don’t have stocks that are ready for shipping.

I was so excited when it arrived. Due to some bad weather, Fedex called me that I have item from Italy but they can’t deliver it on Friday. I really can’t remember the item I ordered, so I thought there was a mess up. Then later on I realized it was my bag, so I was so excited.

Remember I was so down in the past few days, so when I saw the bag, it just somehow made me feel good.

About the bag, it’s a leather and the materials are high quality and somehow just like my other branded bags. The leather is not that delicate and you will not get scared of using it. I can used this as my everyday bag but it’s quite smaller than my usual bag so I can’t bring so much.

I like it so much that I am now checking the website for my next purchase and this time I want the bigger one.

that’s it…

I got to go now and enjoy my new bag 🙂

My First Ever Chanel Bag

I love bags, I started collecting branded bags 5 years ago. I made a promise to myself that I should have 1 bag a year. Since then, I never break that promise.

It inspired  me to work hard because I want to have something. Of course hindi naman lahat ng income ko napupunta lang sa bag. I see to it to spend only my extra money for my bag collection. Kaya ang limit ko lang dapat ay 1 bag a year para naman hindi lahat ng income napupunta na sa bag.

I also see to it na ang kinuha kong bag ay authentic talaga. I have a trusted seller and I’ve known her since I started collecting bags. Ang nakakatuwa pa sa kanya ay tinuturo nya sa akin kung papano malaman na real or fake ang bag. Nakakatakot din kasi ngayon na basta na lang magtiwala kasi ang daming seller na fake pala ang binebenta tapos ang price ay same sa mga real. Diba sobrang sayang ng pera kung hindi worth ang nakuha mong bag.


My new Chanel GST in Beige. I fell in love the first time I saw it, it’s like love at first sight. ahhaha

So happy that I finally have it and I am now starting to check on what to get next.


Cath Kidston


Finally I got a chance to visit the store again before we went to CDO. I got a new bag, actually my everyday bag from Cath Kidston. I like the bag so much because it can carry my daily necessities.

I also like the store, ang daming pwedeng bilhin but I just control myself. Siguro I will get 1 item every month. 🙂







I like the wallets and some sewing kits. Aside from my bag, I also got a new mug. 🙂