Bag Collection

It’s been a while since I let my collection out.

I need to clean them and I let them have some fresh air.

I started collecting bags around 2010 and my first designer bag is a LV Speedy. Since then, I collected one bag every year. I can’t wait to have a special closet for them.

New Bag

This is my new Marc Jacobs Sure Shot in Grey.

This is my only bag purchase this year and I am so proud of myself. ahhaha

I am saving for something else, so I need to set aside my craziness over bags.

So here it is…

I like this compact bag, it doesn’t hurt my arms and back while carrying it.

I got this from Singapore during the Friday Sale!

This is my favorite bag as of the moment specially if I am going around the mall and going out with kids.

Teddy Blake

I ordered my first ever Teddy Blake bag last July 9, 2018 as a gift to myself.

For the past 2 years, I never purchased a bag for myself.

Since I started the call center business, I focus all our energies and resources to the business. I need to let it grow first before I will think for ourselves.

So for the past 2 years I sacrificed a lot.

There were days that I question myself if I am doing the right thing but I know that everything is worth the sacrifices I made.

This year I am thankful that the company is doing great and I think I deserve something for myself.

So this bag is my simple reward for myself.

The bag is made to order from Italy. It took them more than a month before they sent it to me because my order is one of the best sellers so they don’t have stocks that are ready for shipping.

I was so excited when it arrived. Due to some bad weather, Fedex called me that I have item from Italy but they can’t deliver it on Friday. I really can’t remember the item I ordered, so I thought there was a mess up. Then later on I realized it was my bag, so I was so excited.

Remember I was so down in the past few days, so when I saw the bag, it just somehow made me feel good.

About the bag, it’s a leather and the materials are high quality and somehow just like my other branded bags. The leather is not that delicate and you will not get scared of using it. I can used this as my everyday bag but it’s quite smaller than my usual bag so I can’t bring so much.

I like it so much that I am now checking the website for my next purchase and this time I want the bigger one.

that’s it…

I got to go now and enjoy my new bag 🙂

Bag Shopping

I was so down lately. There were things that need to be fix and somehow I was affected.

Aside from that, I had my asthma attack because of too much stress and bad weather.

So hubby told me that I should bring my LV Bag to the store for some fix. He keeps on insisting it but I always refused because I have no time to go to the store. I have so many things in my mind and I think I need to focus… until my stress was so high then I realized that it was a great time to visit LV in Greenbelt.

My LV bag with some damage in the zipper. It needs replacement and it cost me around Php1,800.

Then I tried this Neverfull bag that I was planning to purchase for some time now. I just keep on postponing it because I need to prioritize something else.

But then.. I realized that I need to reward myself, I need to feel good or else I can’t do my work.

So there you go..

I went out happy with my purchase and excited to use it.

It’s spacious and can handle my things specially my books.

It somehow made me feel good and it made me forget that I had asthma! LOL

Have a great day everyone!

Travel Baby Diaper Bag

I love to travel and this bag is really a big help to organize baby’s essentials. I know that you will definitely love this bag since it’s easy to carry and can handle everything. So order this bag before it will be sold out. They only have limited stocks.


































Colors Available


My Bag Collection

I love collecting bags and 3 years ago I decided to collect real branded bags. I purchased 1 bag every year on my birth month. My first ever bag is the LV Speedy, then the Balenciaga and Celine. For this year, I am still contemplating of what bag to get.

There are so many bags I wanted to add in my collection but I have to stick to one bag a year because I need to funds my business first. I need to invest first on the things that are more important. I always weigh things first before I get something for myself specially kung luho lang naman kasi hindi biro ang presyo ng bawat isang bag.


I want…

Since, I don’t quite feel good because I miss my daughter so much today. So to lighten my mood, I search online the bag I wanted to own this year, I just want to have 1 piece this year.

So here are the bags I wanted:

Love love love the Chloe bag and wedges

Chloe Bag

Mulberry Alexa Bag    Looks just like our "Cadence" by Donna Bella Designs...

Mulberry Alexa Bag

Mulberry Bayswater Tote found on Polyvore

Mulberry Bayswater


Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag

That’s the list but I am saving for the best this year and probably I can only get it after giving birth.

How’s your day?


Birthday Gift

I got my new birthday gift from Hubby. It was quite late but it’s okay because we made sure first that the we transfer to our new place.




I wanted this Celine Bag since last year but I can’t afford it yet so I decided to wait. I am very happy when I got it. 🙂


I am very thankful not just for the material things but for the life and blessings that we have. I will continue to share whatever I have right now because I know that God grant me this blessings so that I can offer it too to others.


Anyway, I stayed now at home and just work from here. For the past 2 days, we are busy for the interior designing of our house and I realized that I should take a break today.




Celine Bags

My next target is a Celine bags, but for now I don’t have extra cash for that. I need to save for something big to happen this coming months. As a bag lover like me, I am now checking the different colors of Celine bags that I might get next year. 🙂

Here are some of the colors I want:





But I think this one is really my favorite:



I want bright colored Celine Bag because my other 2 bags are dark colored. 🙂