Pico De Loro

June 7, 2018

Woke up around 6am. I usually wake up early if I am on the vacation. I was already starving when I woke up and I just ate the bibingka but still I was hungry so I woke up everyone to have our breakfast in the restaurant.

It was a free breakfast and included in the hotel.

So after having breakfast we are ready to stay in the beach.

They were so excited!

Then the actions began…

Gareth loves to stay in the beach while Xavier just wanted to stay in the shore playing sands.

The sand toys that he requested was very useful.

It was not sunny and so perfect to stay in the beach to chill…


But later in the afternoon, it suddenly rains so we have to stay in the Cabana then later on went back to the hotel since the kids were already wet and can’t stand the cold.

Went back to our room and had our afternoon nap.