I Don’t Know…

Yes, I really don’t know how to celebrate her birthday and I’m not feeling okay. I had asthma attack for 2 days already. I am sneezing the whole time and I have a hard time breathing due to my cough. I can’t even go out yet because I still had fever.


So we ended up ordering Jollibee and watching her birthday videos. I am just thankful that I have those videos taken during her birthdays kasi kung wala malamang pictures lang ang tinititigan namin.

We still make it happy…

We enjoy watching her old videos.

Yes, living each day at a time… that’s what I did when I really don’t know what to do anymore. I’m glad that with God’s mercy I get through it.

There are some days that I don’t know how to function but when that time comes, I just let myself drown into that feeling. I just let myself feel everything because I know that eventually I will get up and go on again. Eventually I will go out and face the world again. It’s gonna be a roller coaster ride and I don’t know when it will be over but I am just riding it anyway. Just go with the flow… that’s life.