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The way we celebrate

The way we celebrate

August 3, 2018

Still with a heavy heart, I get up and try to act normal.

We went to Ayumi’s renting place.

I talked to Xavier most of the time, specially those days when I was sad. He’s asking where is Ayumi and I always tell that him that she’s in heaven.

At the Resting Place

Xavier: Mommy is this heaven?

Me: (I don’t know what to say)

After that we went to the mall.

I am not really in the mood of doing things but it is so unfair with the kids. So we watched movie and we let them play and bought toys.

I acted normal but deep inside I am really mourning…

It’s been 5 years since she was gone but the pain is still the same…


There were better days…

and there were sad days!


But I already learn how to live despite having that pain.

It is already part of my system..

I can’t do something about it anymore…

I just appreciate whatever I have and give thanks to God for the blessings…

I believe that there are reasons for everything…

I trust God in everything and I know He has better plans…


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