Bubbly Mom

>Finally Its Here!!

>We are preparing for this for about a month and finally its here!! We are into shirt printing and for more designs you can visit Elegant Pieces . Thanks!!


>I am addicted in playing SIMS 2 and when SIMS3 is now ready I can’t wait to start playing it too. I can’t wait…

>Cute… Cute.. Coach

>I always wanted to have a Coach bag but because of so many imitations I control myself. But when I saw this design I think I will change my mind. Wish.. wish.. wish..

>Senti Mode

> Being SilenceBy Maple When you were a baby, being silence did not mean that you were well and fine.You might have a good crying time and was too tired and fell asleep after that. When you were a toddler,…

>It’s here…

>My Cyleina soap order is finally here. Due to bad weather I never thought that I can still receive the package today. I order the ff: kojic tomato soap shea butter papaya strawberry black pearl


>I am playing SIMS and got 2 kids already but the social worker took my kids away. 🙁 I really don’t know how to have them back. 🙁

>Rest Day

>Today we went to the gym and we will start our workout tomorrow. Me and hubby will stay in a gym for at least 2 hours a day, 3 times a week. We also do our grocery and went out…

>My New Gadget

>I order this Canon Powershot A470 through Amazon. I am excited to receive this new toy. Fully automatic 7.1 Megapixel digital camera with 3.4x Optical Zoom for fun, easy shooting Sleek, modern design in 4 bold colors – Gray, Blue,…

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