Kpop Succulents

Yesterday, after I checked the garden around 7pm, I went inside and hubby saw the DHL package and he asked me if I already checked it… then I remember that it was DHL so it was from outside the Philippines.

I hurried and checked the package and saw that it was from Busan, South Korea! OMG!! I got so excited.. I immediately opened it because I was waiting for it for a month now.

Finally, they are here! I was so happy….

I really can’t believe how these tiny plants make me so happy since I started collecting them.

So, I opened the package and to my surprise the packaging is so perfect, the plants are so healthy and I can’t wait to repot them.

Sephora Order

I love ordering something from Sephora.

All my skin care products are from sephora. I like how easy it is to order from the website and it delivers fast. 

I already consume my Caudalie Mist and now I am ordering a new one that I can bring when I travel.

I also tried this Sheer Cheek Gel from Pixi and I like the consistency of the product. The cheek stain is easy to put and it’s not that heavy in my face. It looks so natural.

That’s it for now…

Do You Love Bags?

Bag is my favorite accessories. I even collected bags..

If you are like me who like bags you can shop at Furrple for high quality and trendy bags!























































































Furrple ships all items worldwide and they accepted PAYPAL payment so that is really very convenient!

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