>I usually buy our grocery at Shopwise because it is accessible and they offer wise card. After our schedule to Gareth pedia we went to Shopwise for Gareth’s milk and medicines. We decided to check our wise card points and to our surprise we accumulated 2,800 pesos. We never wasted our time and purchased the Samsung phone worth 1,500 as a Christmas present to my mom. We also purchased clothes for my siblings and additional decor for Christmas tree. It’s nice to shop without spending money, well at least I experience it now.

This is the reward of using our wise card and since this is our first time to experience this one we decided to constantly use our card to accumulate more points and can be use every Christmas.

>First Year Anniversary

>I started working online last August 2007 and I am so happy that I reached this far. This is the first time that I enjoy my work because I can work in my own time and place. I can work everywhere I wanted as long as internet is available. I can work at the mall, coffee shop and even in the hospital. This is the freedom I ever dream.

My first ever task was data entry and ads posting. It was hard at first but I am so thankful of my previous clients that they guided me. I also experience clients who just lost after I completed the task. They don’t pay me and it is frustrating. Though I got traumatized I never stop looking for a perfect job for me.

So many sleepless nights just to look for a job and it is all worth it. After finding a job I have to focus on my work. I need to meet my clients expectations by doing the job well and submitting the task on time. It’s not easy as what other thought because it is just online. If you want to stay longer in this business you have to be time conscious.

I met different online workers that they got excited and interested about this kind of job but they don’t have time to finish the task and this is really frustrating. Some don’t take this type of job seriously and that will affect their performance.

I am happy that my clients from the past still ask for my service for the new projects.

Through this job I can support my family and start achieving our dreams. I am so thankful of this opportunity.

>Wishlist Update

>I posted last Oct. 14 our wishlist and I am glad that some of it are granted.

The list includes:

1. laptop – ok
2. video cam – ok
3. music phone – not yet
4. books – not yet
5. toys – ok

I wanted to add more but this time it’s not about material things anymore because I decided to get a health insurance for us. As a freelancer like us it is very important to have a health insurance because as what had happened to Gareth lately I am just glad that we have extra money to spend for Gareth medical expenses but as a mom I wanted to be ready all the time. We need to reactivate our Philhealth and get a new health insurance as our gift to ourselves this Christmas.


>Finally we are home…

Gareth is now fine.. he started taking solid foods and start playing too.

For two days stay in the hospital I feel so restless because almost every hour the nurses are checking Gareth and he is afraid of the nurses.

While I am writing this blog, Gareth is sleeping and I hope that he will regain his strength so that he can start playing tomorrow.

I have to continue working now eventhough I am sleepy and tired because I need to finish the task given to me.

>Health Update

>We are still here in Unciano Medical Hospital and Gareth is still under observation. He started to eat and his poop is not quite normal yet so we need to stay until tomorrow and hopefully he will be okay. He hates everytime the nurses check on him. His IV was removed because the fluids can’t flow so he has to take more fluids tonight.

I continue working while we are here in the hospital. I am using my phone as a modem because I know I can’t stop working because I need to meet deadlines. I am also thankful that my husband is helping me taking care of Gareth.

’til on my next post everyone….

>Quick Post

>We are in the hospital now…

Gareth is vomiting and loose bowel movement. He has slight fever and cannot take solid food. I was so worried this afternoon and decided to bring him to the hospital because I don’t want to risk the health of my baby. I hope he will get well soon… I miss his smiles and super hyper moves.

Pray for us…

>Enchanted Kingdom


We decided to celebrate Gareth Birthday at Enchanted Kingdom. It was my siblings first time to visit EK and everytime I saw them smiling and laughing I am so happy. Those are priceless moments.

Gareth was sleeping the whole afternoon, maybe he likes the atmosphere. It was a cold afternoon and had rain showers but it didn’t stop us going to different rides.

My nephew Clint was lost. While we were busy discussing of something we just found out that we lost him. We panic and my sister went to guard immediately. It is my first time to experience to lost a kid in a middle of a big place with thousands of people around us. There were so many things coming to my head that time.. what if we can’t found him and I don’t want to end our happy celebration with a disaster one.

When my sister came back she was already carrying Clint. The guard saw Clint at the Bump Car area. Clint wanted to ride but since he is just 3yrs. old he is not allowed, so the guard bring him to their office. We are so thankful because my nephew is safe. It is a lesson for us to place a name and telephone number of a child in their pocket everytime we will go out. Clint is super hyper, he likes to run everywhere and we really need to be more active next time to follow him wherever he will go.

On the lighter side we saw GMA7 celebrities and as a Kapuso follower I am happy to meet some of them. We had pictures and some chats..

Here are some of our pics:

The Birthday Boy

The couple

Kapuso pics.. as requested by Mars 🙂

with Mark Herras

with Kiko of Survivor Philippines

>Happy 2nd Birthday Gareth

>Last night we waited for 12am to start greeting Gareth. He was awake the whole night or we let him stay awake until 12a.m.

I ordered a strawberry shortcake from Mrs. Yulo. My husband pick up the cake at Forbes and it is the best cake I ever tasted. I even forgot that I am on diet.

Here are some pics of Gareth simple event last night.

While waiting.. we are watching TV to keep him awake.

Strawberry Shortcake.. I love it..

Happy Birthday Gareth!! I am so happy to have you. WE LOVE You!

>All About Omega 3

>Yesterday I bought Omega 3 supplement because I just think that I need it. Here are some facts about Omega 3:

Omega-3 fats help you burn fat by helping your body respond better to a hormone called Leptin (Leptin is the Greek word for thin) and…

  • Leptin tells your body (your brain) to suppress your appetite making you eat less so you can maintain or lose weight and…
  • Leptin increases your metabolism by increasing your thyroid output (your thyroid regulates your metabolism) and on top of all that…
  • Leptin also causes your body to burn fat for energy so…

If your body isn’t responding well to Leptin then the reverse happens – You’ll be hungrier, and you’ll store more fat so… You can take Omega-3 fats to help your body respond much better to Leptin so you can increase your fat-burning metabolism

The best sources of Omega-3 fats are Omega-3 supplements or… You can also eat Salmon, tuna, herring, sardines, flaxseed, pecans, walnuts, hazelnut, butternut, mackerel, anchovies to get your Omega-3 fats and…

Here’s 3 more ways Omega-3 fats control your weight

  1. Omega-3 fats help you control your hunger by stabilizing your blood sugar levels and…
  2. An Australian study showed that when people took Omega-3 fats while on an exercise program burned more fat than people who Only Exercised (without taking Omega-3 fats) and people who exercised & took other types of fat and…
  3. Studies done in Japan & The Czech republic suggest that Omega-3 fats prevent the creation of ugly body fat and these same studies suggested Omega-3 fats promote more fat burning.

>Wet Day

>Its raining the whole day and without noticing it I sleep for almost 10 hours, too bad… it is cold and I am so lazy to wake up.

Gareth is lying beside me and he was also sleeping the whole afternoon. Since it seems a lazy day for me I start exercising and took a shower and now I am ready to work. Work until the sun rises tomorrow.

I pray and hope that the weather this coming Saturday is good for my weekend plan.